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From SHAC:

Welcome to 2005 and a whole new year in stopping animal abuse and those profiting from it. 2004 was a fantastic year of success, with the surpassing our target of 100 suppliers to drop Huntingdon Life Sciences. Indeed, by the end of the year they were falling over themselves to dump the notorious HLS. How sweet it was to hear a little bird tell us that certain top staff at HLS were tearing their hair out at our continued success and they felt humiliated having to beg companies to continue dealing with them.

This is why many of you received replies saying that companies were no longer doing business with HLS – it was just not possible to get the information out fast enough in these fantastic times! But don’t apologize to these firms – they have made enough profit from the suffering of animals, so they need to realise the strength of feeling against vivisection. It will make them think twice on going back on their word in future, or even in dealing with other animal laboratories.

We also proved that we were more than capable of dealing with what ever was thrown at us. HLS was making big promises to its clients that 2004 was the year the campaigns against them would be broken. Err… we think not! One only has to look at all the actions, demos and news being reported to see that this is a campaign as strong as ever, and raring to get their teeth stuck into the next set of targets.

There is a single, simple reason for all this. We care. We are not motivated by profit, but by the hideous suffering of all the animals inside HLS. Every animal seen in the videos from inside HLS is now dead. They spent their lives in inhumane conditions and they were tortured to death. How can we sit by idly when we know this? Feeling despair will not help the animals in barren cages awaiting their prolonged death at the hands of HLS “technicians”. Not when we have shown time and time again that we can take on some of the biggest companies in the world and stop them from profiting from HLS’s animal abuse.

What the animals need is action. And that includes action against the companies delivering the orders and chemicals which will spell out the death of those animals. Orders and chemicals often delivered by United Parcels Service (UPS). This is one of the worlds biggest courier firms and they have been spotted popping in and out of HLS on a near daily basis. How many animals have had to die to pay for their services?

UPS is big, but so are we. Already there has been a great global week of action against them, so it is time to send another message to the. Below are the contact details for UPS and their subsidiaries Menlo World Wide Forwarding and Mail Box Etc – so please do what you do so well, and send polite messages to UPS asking them to stop delivering to and accepting packages from Huntingdon Life Sciences. We will not stop targeting them until they do. 2005 is not going to be a year the animal abusers will savour…

Forest Road, Feltham,
Middlesex, TW13 7DY
Tel: 020 8479 7005
Fax: 020 8479 7171
Tel: 08457 877 877 (Customer Service)

UPS World Headquarters
55 Glenlake Parkway NE
Atlanta , GA 30328, USA
Tel: +1-800-PICK-UPS & +1 404 828 6000
Fax: +1 404 828 6440

Menlo Worldwide Forwarding
Worldwide House, 19 Airlinks, Spitfire Way,
Heston, Middlesex TW5 9NR
Tel: 020 8260 6465

Mail Boxes Etc. (UK) Ltd.
Unit 9, The Alfold Business Centre
Loxwood Road, Alfold, Surrey
Tel: 01403 759 300
Fax: 01403 753 820

Senior Management of UPS
Michael L Eskew , Chairman & CEO –,
James P. (Jim) Kelly, Director -

Lea N. Soupata, Senior Vice President, Human Resources -
Calvin (Cal) Darden, Senior Vice President, U.S. Operations -
David Abney, President, UPS International -
D. Scott Davis, Chief Financial Officer -
John Beystehner, Chief Operating Officer -

Senior Vice Presidents
Kurt Kuehn, Worldwide Sales and Marketing -
Chris D. Mahoney, Global Transportation Services -
Allen E Hill, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary,
Kenneth W. Lacy, Chief Information Officer -
John McDevitt, Strategic Integration -
Bob Stoffel, Supply Chain Group –

Country Managers
Burkhard Meyer, UK & Ireland –
Wolfgang Flick, President, UPS Europe -
Jurns Reineke, Germany -
Anders Holm, Denmark -
Aan Williams, District Manager France -
Ian Wilson, Country Manager Netherlands -
James Chan, Singapore
Tel. +65.6883.9397; Fax. +65.6542.5717; Email:

Todd Jarvis, Director, International Sales and Business Development
Tel: +1 678.746.7705; Mobile. +1 678.779.0763; Fax: +1 678.746.8640; Email:

Aaron Lee, Partner & Alliance Manager
Tel: +1 410 847 1914; Email:

Gillian McCrossan, International Manager, UPS Capital UK Ltd
Tel: 01273 740 106; Email:

Senior Management of Mail Boxes Etc
Stuart Mathis, President -
Don Higginson, Senior Vice Pres, Franchise Relations -
Mahasty Seradj, Senior Vice Pres, Finance -
Debra Kaufman Abate, General Counsel -
Bob Bonsutto, Vice President, Operations -
Tom Crockett, Vice President, Marketing -
Brian Matherne, Vice President, Retail Development -
Jim Spangler, Vice President, Technology,
Phil Thomison, Vice President of Worldwide Development -

A list of all emails in this action alert:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

All details in this action alert are provided for informational purposes
only, and should not be used for any illegal activities as defined by the
jurisdiction you live in. SHAC are not involved in, and do not encourage, any
form of harassment or illegal action. Nothing in this action alert has the
purpose of inciting such behaviour.

For general information on the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences
please visit the website, or alternatively call Stop Huntingdon
Animal Cruelty on (UK) 0845 458 0630.

Please feel free to forward on this action alert.
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