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Woo Hoo!

I received this email today:

As we write 90 suppliers of Huntingdon Life Sciences have pulled their services from the company, many due in part to hearing the opinions of people acting on the information presented in our action alerts. However, the news that BOC are pulling their services has to be the pinnacle of the year! This is fantastic news, and yet again we say thank you to everyone who contributed to this great victory.

BOC Gases have been a supplier to HLS for many years, providing the gas used to kill the animals discarded at the end of an experiment, or even any healthy, untouched animals surplus to requirements. They are a company well and truly integrated with the animal abuse industry supplying many other companies as well, so we knew it was going to be a hard battle. But thanks to the amazing efforts of people determined to stop HLS’s barbaric animal experiments, it was won far sooner than expected.

This company took loosing their largest shareholder Abbey National, spent a small fortune on taking out an injunction and had to deal with the pressure being put on its single biggest customer Marks & Spencers. Even its second biggest shareholder Fidelity took out an injunction. But all to no avail. A protests around the world began to take off, and BOC were forced to realise that we truly are a global movement, they realised that there is no where to hide and our determination is boundless. They simply had to throw in the towel and concede victory to us. What a nice Xmas present!
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